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North American Championships - Keystone, CO


The first ever NATS run North American Trials Championships took place in Keystone Colorado on July 11th and 12th.  Dave Herr was pushing for a championship event on the NATS series last winter, Bryan Everhart stepped up as an organizer and put on an amazing event, with help from Michael Friddell, NATS Director, and many other volunteers. Making one single championship event gave motivation for riders from all over the continent to get together who would otherwise just ride their local events. This event was a good start to grow Trials in North America. Can't wait for next years!

The organizers decided to qualify all riders to the finals and make the semifinals score accumulate with the finals to decide the winner. The semifinals was a very close race with Ross Winsor from Oregon winning by cleaning all the sections. Matt Meyer from California was battling me in the semi's; he was ahead until the very last section. I finished with 2 points and Matt 3.

The Finals' sections increased in difficulty from the semifinals. See the results below.  The sections were challenging and enjoyable. Thanks to all the organizers, sponsors, and riders who made it out! See you next year!

Below is some footage and pictures from the Elite finals competition on Sunday, courtesy of Dona.



Semifinal-Final – Combined
(2) (3) (5) Jeff Anderson #108
(0) (26) (26) Ross Winsor #102
(3) (31) (34) Matt Meyer #101
(22) (32) (54) Aaron Dobler #109
(14) (43) (57) Max Schulze #107
(14) (48) (62) Randy Gibson #105
(35) (50) (85) Nigel Kohring #103
(55) DNS (105) Derik Sprando #104

Full Results.


Elite 20" Podium
Elite 26" Podium

Me and My Coach